ASCON was founded in May 1985 as a company incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and registered at the Municipal Court of Hamburg.

Since its inception, ASCON has been primarily engaged in the international trade of crude oil and refined products working with major companies in the oil industry like Caltex, OMV, Voest Alpine, Shell, Exxon, BP, Texaco, Metallgesellschaft, Bayoil, Tamoil, NIOC, NOC, Neste, Petrol Export-Import, Total, TPI Refinery, Sasoil, SIR Refinery, Yugopetrol, Petrogulf and Batumi Refinery amongst others.

ASCON’s primary focus is on the volume trading of crude oil and its derivative products. By virtue of its extensive industry relationships, ASCON is able to offer crude oil and products from all corners of the globe. ASCON can make available spot, short and long-term contracts to meet the specific demands for crude oil and petroleum products on the international markets.

ASCON adheres to the highest levels of integrity in fulfilling its contractual obligations, the result of which is reflected in some of the credit arrangements that ASCON has secured with globally recognised companies and organisations. ASCON undertakes an ongoing rigorous appraisal of all aspects of its business practices and procedures to ensure that it maintains its exacting standards and delivers the highest levels of quality to its trading partners.